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Coop 44″ x 40″ (no enclosure) Heavy-duty and beautifully designed, this coop is really functionnal.


This chicken coop is heavy-duty and beautifully designed, while being very functional at the same time. It embodies all the qualities of what you would expect in a quality urban chicken coop. It is designed for easy cleaning with a trap door at the back allowing manure to be removed with a rake!
  • Floor dimension of 44'' long x 40'' wide and 16'' legs.
  • Nest accessible from the outside measuring 33 "x 10"
  • Built-in removeable feeder accessible from the outside with easy open lid.
  • 1/2" waterproofed plywood floor.
  • Cleaning hatch with hinge and interior perch
  • Sliding pull-door for the pen and front door coop door of 36 "x 16"
  • Window in the front and metal sheeting roof (Americana)
  • Each board joint is doubled
  • Made with 1'' planks and only premium quality material


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