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Our Accessories

Here are some items that will make your new chicken coop even more enjoyable!


Accessories Promotion 2024

  • 3 laying hens (Isa brown)
  • 20kg of feed
  • 1 pack of litter

For only $124.99

Laying hen (Isa brown)


The Isa brown is an excellent chicken for family life. It lays daily, is very docile and very resistant to the harsh Canadian winters .

1  for 35$

3 for 90$

Lexan on floor


Add an ultimate layer of protection to your floor. Lexan is one of the easiest ways to clean! The price varies depending on the size of the chicken coop you choose.

224.95$ to 449.95$

Storage Unit


Dimensions: 24” deep x 40” wide x 50” high+ 10” legs

Storage unit specially designed to store:

  • Chicken feed
  • Wood shavings
  • Cleaning tools
  • Egg crates
  • Etc.


4.5 L. for $21.95

22 L. for $92.95

Lifetime wood treatment


Proudly lifetime Wood Treatment Distributor


  • Natural wood presevation
  • Sachet of powder to be diluted in water
  • Simple to use and easy to apply
  • Non-toxic to humans, animals and plants
  • Healthy fo the environment
  • No need to reapply over the years,just clean
  • Cost-effective solution to protect your chicken coop
  • Formula proven for over 60 years

Reinforcement triangular columns


Give style and elegance to the enclosure of your chicken coop by adding our fabulous, ultra-trendy columns. the bottom of your enclosure will thus atract all eyes while retaining its robustness.


Black sheet metal and black hardware


Add cachet and style with a black sheet metal roof. Match it all with black hardwae too. 


Tractor run




What could be better than a stroll staying sheltered from the rain, sun and predators.

This small 4’x6′ enclosure allows you to move your hens so that they explore new horizons.





Give at your chicken coop a new look with this cupola and everybody will be charmed.

It don’t come with a weather vane, so you can put on it your own one.


Off the grid water system

Collect rainwater from the roof of your chicken coop to water your hens by gravity!

Another way designed by our team to make your chicken farming easy and enjoyable and allows you to take away without any hassle.

This system includes:

– Gutter at the chicken coop

– Structure and barrel of 45 gallons

– Automatic water bowl 3 L with float

– PEX plumbering

All that installed on your chicken coop!

889,95$ + tx. 

Automatic door system

– Opens & closes your chicken coop using a timer & light sensor
– Manually open and close your chicken coop with a push of a button
– Extra powerful motor, ideal for extreme weather conditions, Works at -20 C / -4 F
– Fully featured LCD display for ease of use
– Powered by 4 x AA batteries (included)

394,99$ not installed

499,99$ installed

Dutch door


This Dutch door gives a different look to the enclosure. It has 2 independent doors; the top one is made of mesh and the bottom one is all wood. Safe and practical, this door will satisfy you in all its aspects.


Day Run

Give your chickens more freedom with a day run. This one is not totally safe from pedators but provides more space while keeping your hens away from your terrace. Requiring a minimum of supervision, they will be satisfied and happy there.

Price on demand

Polycarbonate Winterized Panels


Allow your chickens to roam in their enclosure all year round thanks to these polycarbonate winter panels!

In addition, give them maimum warmth and natural light.

The price is 145.00$ / panel 

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a quote specific to your chicken coop!

Automatic Drink Dispenser


Allows chickens to get fresh water anytime with our automatic water dispenser that easily hooks up to any garden hose.

– 9” wide plastic bowl

– Water level adjustable by the float

– Pressure up to 50 PSI

– Capacity 3L



Outdoor feeder

Feed your chickens outdoors while keeping your food dry with this extra-large feeder!

In addition, it avoids waste.


Water Feeder


Practical and convenient for either water or food! Designed to keep water clean and easy to fill.


Diatomaceous Earth Tray


Get your hens a bath of sand and diatomaceous earth! They will appreciate to clean their feathers in this natural anti-parasite “spa”!

– 2 entries

– 2 handles on the side for easy cleaning

– On legs



Inclined drinker



This waterer keeps the water fresh and clean at all times. Easily transportable thanks to its bucket shape, all you have to do is fill it and put it to the desired location. Moreover, no specific maintenance is necessary; simply spray the inside with a jet of wate and you’re done!!!