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Chicken Coops

Find the model to best suit both you and your chickens needs!

How many hens would you like to house?

Model designed for 50 hens and more

The Wagon

This wagon coop offers you all the pleasure of having a free ranging flock without any hassle. In fact, you can move it as you wish on your property, thereby your manure is dispose where you choose and doesn’t accumulate all in one spot. Your hens will enjoy discovering new scenery and pecking different insects all while returning every night in the comfort of their home.

The wagon coop is custom made to order. The dimensions are adjusted depending on the hay wagon size. Our qualified team will build it on site at your property.

Watch us build your dream coop!

11859$ Wood Natural

13160$ with wood treatment

Model designed for 10 to 50 hens

The Duke

The ”Duke” is the combination of 2 magnificents Mason connected to each other and separated in the middle by a door, for a total size of 16′ plus the coop. These Chicken coops are 6′ x 6′ each, have a gable roof and offer the possibility of expanding the run up to 48′ long. The Duke allows you to have a breeding of more than 30 hens and 2 differents species.

10995$ Wood Natural

11890$ with wood treatment

Please note that some of chicken coops in the pictures have runs of 16′ each (32′ total)

The Kingdom

The “Kingdom” chicken coop measures 72″ x 60″ with an enclosure of 9′ x 8′, this is our largest model with a sloped roof design.  It offers a safe and comfortable environment for both you and your happy little hens.

4895$ Wood Natural

5395$ with wood treatment

The Mason

The “Mason” chicken coop features a large 6′ x 6′ coop and a beautiful gabled roof design. This model offers the possibility of having an enclosure custom-built to the size that you need, due to its modular construction. The standard dimension of the enclosure is 8′ x 6′ + room under the henhouse, for a total of 94 square feet.

5595$ Wood Natural

6095$ with wood treatment

The Barn

The “Barn” chicken coop is designed specifically for raising meat chickens. It perfectly meets all the challenges of raising a day-old chick to maturity. It offers ample ventilation due to its hatches on the ceiling, as well as in the lower and upper walls on every side. In addition, it is equipped with a large feeder allowing our feathered friends to eat their fill.

5395$ Wood Natural

5795$ with wood treatment

The Farmland

The “Farmland” chicken coop measuress 72″ x 60″ without enclosure.  This model offers your chickens a comfortable 38.5 square feet along with 2 removable perches. Which makes it a very spacious chicken coop.

2895$ Wood Natural

3295$ with wood treatment

Model designed for 6 to 10 hens

The Baron

The “Baron” chicken coop measures 48″ x 60″ with a 9′ x 6′ enclosure. This chicken coop offers comfort and total safety for a medium-sized flock.

3299$ Wood Natural

3699$ with wood treatment

The Nordik

The “Nordik” chicken coop measures 48″ x 60″ with an 8′ x 5′ chicken run as well as an enclosure under the hen house, making a total area of about 60 square feet. This chicken coop is constructed with a gable roof and offers a unique and simple cleaning system.  It has a large door and a cleaning hatch in the front.

4995$ Wood Natural

5395$ with wood treatment

The Nordik Deluxe

The composition of the Nordik Deluxe is the same of our Nordik but highlighted by the colored sheet metal and black hardware, the lexan on the floor, the Dutch door and the triangular reinforcement columns added to the enclosure give it a more luxurious appearance while maintaining its solidity. There is also the possibility of extending the enclosure in 4′ segments.

5895$ Wood Natural

6295$ with wood treatment

The Country

The “Country” chicken coop measures 48 “x 60” and does not include an enclosure.  It is large and spacious enough to climb into and is perfect for your custom project.

2099$ Wood Natural

2399$ with wood treatment

Model designed for 3 to 5 hens

The Nomad

Bring your hens on a walk with this pratical chicken coop on wheels. It measures 44″ x 40″ chicken coop with 7 ‘x 40’’ walk-in enclosure. The Nomad can hold easily up to 5 hens.

2995$ Wood Natural

3295$ with wood treatment

The Star

Coop 44″ x 40″ (no enclosure). Heavy-duty and beautifully designed, this coop is really functionnal.

1595$ Wood Natural

1795$ with wood treatment

The Jim

The “Jim” is our most popular model for the beginner chicken enthusiast. It measures 44″ x 40″ chicken coop with 7 ‘x 5’ walk-in enclosure + enclosure under the chicken coop, giving a total of nearly 48 sq. ft. This model offers total security against all predators.

2295$ Wood Natural

2595$ with wood treatment