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Custom-made chicken coops

Amazing chicken coops imagined and fully designed by our team for the pleasure of our customers!

The Quadruplet!


4 chicken coops totaling 20 feet long are joined together to form unique one.

It has been completely fitted out to accommodate 4 different breeds of chickens.


Brampton – Ontario

Chicken coop features:

-4 adjacent chicken coops

-Many windows

-4 feeders

-Adequate ventilation

-Doors leading to the enclosures

-Wire mesh divisions between henhouses

-Cement floor

Enclosures features:

-4 separate enclosures

-One exterior door per enclosure

-Guillotine doors for chickens

-Mesh separation between each enclosure


The dream chicken coop!


This huge chicken coop was designed according to the client’s wishes.

It was peint by the customer.


Chicken coop features:

-Dimensions: 16′ X 10′

-Sliding windows

-Fan, thermostat and ventilation hatches

-Insulation R15

-Plywood 1/2 walls

-Indoor aviary with storage

-Cement floor

Enclosures features:

-Dimensions: 20′ X 10′

-Dutch door

-Exterior nest

-Autonomous water system

-Lights and outlets

-Cupola on the roof


The Double Duke!


This chicken coop was designed with the aim of housing laying hens on one side and meat chickens on the other side.

It has been perfectly designed to adapt to the topography of the land.


Perth – Ontario

Special features on the chicken side:

-4 ventilation hatches

-A large window

-Automatic drink dispenser with roof

-Big feeder

-4 power outlets and thermostat

-Cement floor

Special features on the hens side:

-Large enclosure

-A large window

-2 large perches

-A cupola

-Off the grid water system and automatic drink dispenser with roof



The House Chicken Coop!


This henhouse was designed like a small house for chickens.

It was imagined and organized entirely by our team without any restrictions from the customer.



Hamilton – Ontario

Special features chicken coop and enclosure:

-Chicken coop of 12′ X 12′

-A large door

-2 sliding windows

-Cement floor


-6 power outlets

-Fan and thermostat

-4 ventilation hatches

-2 large nests

-2 large perches

-Large enclosure


The School Chicken Coop!


This beautiful chicken coop was designed to bring joy and autonomy to a primary school.

This is our Barn model to which we have added an enclosure.



School Project

Chicken coop features:

-Barn model

-2 large doors

-A large window

-Many ventilation hatches

-Large nest with perch

-Cement floor

Enclosure features:

-Automatic door for hen exit


-Storage unit