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The Nordik Deluxe


The composition of the Nordik Deluxe is the same of our Nordik but highlighted by colored sheet metal and black hardware. In addition, the Dutch door and the triangular reinforcement columns added to the enclosure give it a more luxurious appearance while maintaining its solidity. There is also the possibility of extending the enclosure in 4′ segments.


The coop and enclosure cover about 12' x 5', offering the ideal habitat for up to 10 hens.

  • The coop itself measures 48" long x 60" wide x 60" high + legs
  • Enclosure (chicken run) measures 8' long x 5' wide
  • Enclosure also under the henhouse (5' x 4')
  • 2 Roosting nests accessible from the outside with a dimension of 47 "x 10"
  • Descent towards the chicken run.
  • 1/2 "thick plywood floor, waterproofed
  • A plywood ceiling
  • 2 interiors perchs
  • 2 ventilation hatches
  • A guillotine-style sliding door for the enclosure
  • Large Dutch door for the enclosure
  • Large door in the front with a window and plexi
  • Each board joint is doubled
  • Made with 1" planks and #1 quality materials
  • The enclosure is made with strong welded steel-cloth wire mesh.
  • Americana colored sheet roof (color of your choice)
  • Black hardware
  • 2 electrical outlet with a thermostat
  • triangular reinforcing columns


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