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The Baron

The “Baron” chicken coop measures 48″ x 60″ with a 9′ x 6′ enclosure. This chicken coop offers comfort and total safety for a medium-sized flock.


This chicken coop is a larger version of the Jim. All the coop features are easily accessible from the outside, while also being very spacious on the inside. Designed for keeping 6 to 10 hens, you and your hens will love it!
  • 48" long x 60" wide x 60" high + legs
  • Roosting nest accessible from the outside with a dimension of 47 "x 10"
  • Feeder accessible from the outside
  • Exit toward enclosure
  • 1/2 "thick plywood floor, waterproofed
  • A cleaning hatch on hinges.
  • Ventilation hatch on hinges
  • Interior perch
  • A guillotine-style sliding door for the enclosure
  • 24 "x 46" front door
  • Front window with sliding plexiglass
  • Each board joint is doubled
  • Made with 1" planks and #1 quality materials
  • The enclosure is made with strong welded steel-cloth wire mesh.
  • Americana galvanized sheet roof


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